An attorney friend from one of the top law firms in Kansas City told me "Carrie and Tammy are the best at what they do." I gave them a call and immediately knew that she was right. They were honest, well prepared and respected amongst opposing counsel. They had compassion for us with enough passion to deliver us winning results. I can't imagine having anyone else by my side through that difficult time.


As a middle aged female executive at a large international corporation, I was forced out of my position for reasons I thought were discriminatory. It was not a case of corporate culture, but poor leadership above my position. I turned to a large, well known, powerful litigation firm for advice. A partner in that firm stated employment law was not their specialty and recommend I contact Brous Horn. I met with Tammy and Carrie, presented the facts that I had accumulated. They agreed to take my case. They put me at ease, made me feel confident and did an outstanding job of representing me against this large international corporation and their legal team. Through months of their hard work, dedication, long hours, and aggressive pursuit of fairness, they secured a settlement for me that I was quite happy with. Their extraordinary understanding of the law, and employment law in particular along with their negotiating skills was very impressive.

In my former career I negotiated many multi-million dollar contracts that were reviewed, discussed, and changed by dozens of lawyers. I would highly recommend Brous Horn to anyone for any legal matters.


I was so fortunate to have been referred to Brous Horn Legal Firm at a truly unfortunate time in my employment history. I found Carrie Brous and Tammy Horn to be two of the most competent, dedicated and tenacious attorneys. They were thorough in the assessment of my scenario from the start and were straightforward in explaining that they do not take on frivolous cases, which in my mind underscores the high level of integrity of the firm. At every step in the process that followed, Carrie and Tammy were at my side. They communicated clearly and regularly, working diligently on my behalf. My case resulted in an exceptionally positive outcome, but even if it hadnít, I would be offering this recommendation of Brous Horn without reservation.


I had an unfortunate situation happen to me and I was introduced to these wonderful ladies by one of my former co-workers. I can say they took on my case and believed in me from the beginning, they were always available, responded quickly to my phone calls and e-mails and always kept me abreast of anything that was happening with my case. They truly came through for me and shined bright for me through this very difficult and hard time. I still keep in contact with them from time to time just to let them know that even a year later they are very much appreciated. I hope no one ever have a situation where they need an employment lawyer but if you happen to find yourself in a not so good situation I would recommend Carrie and Tammie hands down to represent you!!!


Quality Excellent

After experiencing ongoing harassment in my work place for over a year, I asked an attorney friend in another city to help me find an employment lawyer. He used an attorney database to search for the best employment lawyers in the Kansas City area. After interviewing several firms on my behalf, he recommended that I call Tammy and Carrie. It turned out to be an excellent recommendation. Tammy and Carrie were very direct and objective in interviewing me and finding the most relevant aspects of the case. I didn't want to feel like a victim or dramatize the situation and they were the right lawyers for that. They helped me regain a sense of control over the situation and to begin feeling like there was a way to stop the problems in my workplace. They gathered information and interacted with my employer in a way that allowed me to continue to work while pursuing resolution of the problems. The outcome was better than I expected. A number of important changes were made to my employer's HR policies and procedures as a result of my case. In addition, fair compensation was awarded to me as the plaintiff. I highly recommend Tammy and Carrie. They are very professional as well as extremely savvy in navigating the legal system. Most importantly, they are superb at identifying the aspects of a case that make it worthwhile to pursue, which is important when cases take years to resolve. You need to know that you have lawyers who are highly competent when you're investing significant time and energy in seeking a legal judgment. My case was resolved several years ago and I'm still 100% certain that I made the right choice in going with Brous Horn.


My friend referred me to Carrie & Tammy after an unfortunate situation at my place of employment. At first I did not know what to expect & was very apprehensive. After meeting with Carrie & Tammy for the first time, I had complete faith and confidence in them and our case. They were extremely knowledgeable about cases just like mine. It was evident that they had ample experience that was paired with true compassion for my feelings. They were the support that I desperately needed at that time. Overall, I would say that these two woman have such solid experience and know how combined with an approach that makes you feel at ease. I was extremely impressed with their communication with me throughout the entire process and the follow up after the case. The outcome of our case was far beyond my expectations. I am so thankful that I was referred to this firm and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a superb legal team.

Lindsey W

I was referred to the Brous Horn firm after an unexpected and tragic employment situation occurred in my life. A close friend, also an attorney, who knew their firmís positive reputation and success in the area of employment law, connected me to them. Thankfully, I was referred to the right firm. My outcome was more favorable than I could have ever expected. Tammy and Carrie made the legal process less stressful than I had predicted as they kept met involved and informed throughout the process. They were incredibly focused on my case and made me feel an integral part of it. I am thankful I was referred to Tammy and Carrie, as they are amazing attorneys as well as people who helped make a difficult situation easier to handle.


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